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In the past many perfume bottles were designed by us at Dion Cosmetica plc. These are still available to our customers today. You can choose from an extensive range of  bottles, pumps and caps. If you wish to design your own perfume bottle for your company, Dion Cosmetica plc will gladly help you to accomplish this dream. We are pleased to share our experience with you to help create the bottle and packaging.

We have more than 600 different perfumes, 80 of which are permanently available in stock.

Dion Cosmetica plc is currently working under private label for some important organisations, such as:

  • Fashion houses
  • Clubs
  • Large independent organizations
  • Individual private label users
  • Jewellers
  • Hotels
  • Sales through TV

For more information, you can always freely contact us at
Tel. +32 (0)3/233.05.00 or info@diamondperfume.eu